Examination Appeal Guideline

National Institute of Health specialties (NIHS) Examination Appeals Regulations

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1.1 These Regulations apply to all candidates for examinations run by NIHS.

1.2 Candidates should note that by virtue of entering to sit an examination they are deemed to have understood and agreed to respect and abide by the Assessment Bylaw, Executive Rules of Assessment and all relevant NIHS regulations, including these Appeals Regulations.


2.1 These Regulations are to be used to govern appeals related to all types of the NIHS examinations.

2.2 An ‘appeal’ is defined as a request for a review of a decision made by or on behalf of an examining board about the performance in an examination of a candidate or group of candidates.

2.3 A candidate who has attempted any part or component of an examination may, in the circumstances set out below, have the right of appeal against the result provided the appeal is adequately explained and justified .

2.4 Appeals will not be accepted in circumstances where the candidate has not read or understood the published NIHS examination regulations or seek to question the established rules and practices of assessment and examinations adopted by the NIHS.

2.5 Any expression of a specific concern about the provision or quality of a service by the NIHS, including issues such as staff conduct, disputes about the regulations, other procedures or the application thereof is defined as a ‘complaint’ and as such will not be considered under these Regulations (but may instead be handled in accordance with the Complaints Procedures).

2.6 It is recognized that on occasion it may be initially unclear whether a case constitutes an appeal or a complaint; hence the NIHS reserves the right to reclassify appeals to complaints or vice versa at any stage in proceedings, in consultation with the person(s) appealing or complaining. Such reclassification will always be done so that the matter can be considered in the most appropriate and fair way, and candidates will not be required to resubmit their cases following any reclassification.


3.1 Any appeal should be submitted using the specified form on the NIHS website within 14 days of the dispatch of the result to which it relates and include supporting documentary evidence if relevant.

3.2 Any appeal submitted after this period must include an explanation and evidence as to why it could not be submitted sooner and will only be accepted at the sole discretion of the Secretary General.

3.3 A payment as described in the form must be paid to proceed further with the appeal. In cases where payment is not successfully processed, the application for appeal will not be considered. Only when the final decision taken leads to changing the exam result to ‘’success”, the amount paid by the candidate is fully refunded.

3.4 On receipt of an appeal the NIHS will investigate and collate all relevant information and if the appeal is considered to have grounds it will be referred to the Central Assessment Committee.

3.5 The Central Assessment Committee may for a specific panel to discuss the case or direct the Assessment and Measurement Unit to undertake further investigations as deemed necessary.

3.6 The appeals procedure is normally expected to take no more than 30 days from the date of the appeal being received by the NIHS to the point where decision is taken and communicated.Candidates will be kept informed if the process is likely to take longer than this for any reason.

3.7 The outcome of the appeal after review and approval by the Central Assessment Committee shall be final.

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