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Please complete this registration form to register your details with us. After registration you will have to enroll for the respective examinations as per the schedule provided in this website. You will be able enroll for the exams only during the enrollment period mentioned. No need to reregister for enrolling to exams. You will have the option to enroll when you login, if the exam enrollment period is active.

Note: Those who registered in this website prior to December 1st 2019 need to reregister.

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Information entered in this section should be exactly as provided in your pasport. Please provide your names as mentioned in the passport. Since some passports may not have information same as we are requesting, please refer below for the alternatives.

  • First Name: Given Name / Other Names
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  • Do not use initials.
  • For those passports having only Bearer Name / Name / Full Name etc, please provide that information in the Last Name Field and put a zero "0" (without quotes) in the the First Name box. Do not enter “Not applicable,” “*” or “NA.”
  • Make sure you put all the spaces between the characters in the name if any as exactly in the passport.

We are considering passport as the sole identity proof, for the examination and the details you enter in this registration page should be exactly same as what is mentioned in your passport including but not limited to First Name, Last Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Date of Birth etc. which will be cross verified before letting you attempt the examination. If you entered any information wrongly and enrolled for any exam you risk losing your chance to write the exam. Any discrepancy in the details entered should be notified to our office by e-mail to rectify before enrolling for the examination.

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  Please fill the above field with your name as it should appear in your certificates/transcripts/marksheets. For eg. if your First Name is Fatima Mohammed and Last Name is Maqbool Al Harbi and you want your name in transcripts to appear as Fatima Al Harbi, put Fatima Al Harbi in the above box.
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I hereby confirm that all the pieces of information I have provided above are accurate and true. The UAEU reserves the right to resort to appropriate action including but not limited to barring from attempting the exam, legal process etc., if any piece of information I have provided is found to be inaccurate or untrue.

Please ensure that original passport identified here is brought with you on the day of the exam (no copies allowed), otherwise you will not be allowed to sit for the exam.
Facial recognition is also important.
Examination fees paid will not be refunded for any reason.
Changes in the details submitted if needed to be notified to our office and not to be done by another registration.
Candidates should register only once in the system, and duplicate registrations if found will be considered as an attempt of imposture.
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